Company Profile
Incubated by Digital Education Institute, III (Institute for Information Industry), Hong Ding Educational Technology Co., Ltd., HDT, was funded and established by public listed company, Phihong Technology Co., in November 2010.

HDT is an organization committed to enhancing and advancing current education environment by applying new and high technology in innovative ways.

We aim to
※ Build technology integration education environment
※ Create a dynamic and interactive teaching and learning environment
※ Provide superior strategies to promote effective teaching and learning
※ Provide total solutions to upgrade teaching and learning performances
※ Develop teaching methods that cultivate learners’ competence for the futur

We believe educational competence is the foundation of the global competitiveness for the future. Based in Taipei, we are a team of education and technology experts assembled to contribute our profession to amplify the teaching and learning environment. With creativity, passion and determination, HDT has had a foothold in Taiwan and is now giving ourselves to expand our service in all Asia. We aspire to become the best brand in this business. HDT is definitely the best partner for all technology industries that seek to be engaged in the field of education.