The schools that have successfully integrated iTS Service Platform include Jianguo High School, Zhongshan Girls’ High School, Lishan High School, Shilin High School of Commerce, Dazhi High School, Xisong High School, Yucheng High School, Nanmen Junior High School, Jieshou Junior High School, Neihu Elementary School, Wenlin Elementary School, and Taichung Longfong Elementary School. In addition, Ningbo Hi-tech Zone Experimental School and Dongjie Education Institute in China have also had positive results of iTS integration.

The teachers effectively apply iTS Platform to implement multiple teaching and learning strategies, which helps students to achieve their best learning result.

 Jianguo High School

 Zhongshan Girls’ High School

 Nanmen Junior High School

 Shilin High School of Commerce

 Wenlin Elementary School

 Ningbo Hi-tech Zone Experimental School