iTS Service Platform
(interactive Teacher & Student Service Platform)

Highly interactive teaching and learning in the Cloud !
iTS Platform provides innovative teaching approaches to lead the trend of future education !
•Share educational resources easily.
•Agitate teachers’ enthusiasm in teaching.
•Intensify students’ learning motivation.
•Enhance parents’ participation in the learning process.

Pre-Class Preparation

Teachers can easily integrate all kinds of digital resources in the lesson. iTS Platform effectively enhances students’ engagement and class activity arrangement.

In-Class Interaction

iTS Platform allows teachers and students to have instant interaction in the classroom. It provides more opportunities for the students to express their own thoughts and ideas.

After-Class Extension
Learning System

iTS Platform provides diverse but simple approaches to produce assessments and assignments. And extension materials can be imported into iTS Platform at any time for students who want to study further in the subject.

Resource Sharing

iTS Platform allows teachers to share and exchange instructional resources in digital form freely. Teachers can easily collaborate with the others to create class materials.

Information and Performance
Notice System

iTS Platform helps not only develop the collaborative relationships between schools and families, but intensify the communication between teachers and parents.

Mobile Learning
The Educational Cloud service makes learning content and materials portable, which achieves ubiquitous teaching and learning.
Recommended devices:
Pad / Smart Phone
Exploring Learning
The interactive learning environment elevates students’ abilities in problem solving, knowledge integration and information analysis.
Recommended devices:
Pad / AIO

Collaborative Learning
Through the interaction with the peers and the teacher, students are able to have collective discussions, which increase learning efficiency.
Recommended devices:
Interactive Whiteboard / AIO / Projector / Pad
Mastery Learning
With repetitive practice and drill, students will be more familiar with the concepts of the lessons.
Recommended devices:
PC / Smart Phone / Pad
The schools that have successfully integrated iTS Service Platform include Jianguo High School, Zhongshan Girls’ High School, Lishan High School, Shilin High School of Commerce, Dazhi High School, Xisong High School, Yucheng High School, Nanmen Junior High School, Jieshou Junior High School, Neihu Elementary School, Wenlin Elementary School, and Taichung Longfong Elementary School. In addition, Ningbo Hi-tech Zone Experimental School and Dongjie Education Institute in China have also had positive results of iTS integration.

The teachers effectively apply iTS Platform to implement multiple teaching and learning strategies, which helps students to achieve their best learning result.

Mobile Learning Exploring Learning
•Jianguo High School
•Yucheng High School
•Wenlin Elementary School
•Longfong Elementary School
The students use their imagination freely and write down their thoughts about the campus scenery.Learning has no longer been limited in the classroom. The students discover the most suitable learning method by exploring the environment and constructing knowledge self-sufficiently. The students have become the center of learning.

Collaborative Learning Mastery Learning
•Zhongshan Girls’High School
•Nanmen Junior High School
•Shilin High School of Commerce
•Jieshou Junior High School
Apply iTS Platform to connecting all kinds of educational recourses. Apply various group devices to promote collaborative and coordinative learning. Implement interesting and interactive class activities on iTS Platform to motivate learning interest and provide opportunities for practice, which helps the students to master the learning content.

interactive Teacher & Student Service Platform - case studies
iTS application videos -
Nanmen Junior High School

iTS application videos -
Ren Ai Junior High School
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