Education Cloud Solution

Integrating the educational cloud and iTS (interactive Teacher and Student Service Platform) with the terminal devices, Big nPad and tablet computers, the Future Cloud Classroom supports all kinds of instructional resources and situations to effectively achieve interactive, collaborative, seamless and ubiquitous teaching and learning.

Product Application
Discussion Meeting Interactive Group Learning Learning Site

Solution Features
 Educational Cloud
Educational cloud offers single sign-on, cross-platform login, elastic systems and central safety control. It is friendly to the environment. The integration of educational cloud and iTS creates a flexible, secure and green environment for the future education.
Single Sign-on Cross Platform Elastic Systems
Green Cloud Safety Control iTS Integrated

 iTS (interactive Teacher and Student Service Platform)
iTS Service Platform integrated Educational Cloud provides a highly interactive and collaborative education environment, which effectively supports all kinds of educational activities throughout the whole instructional process. In addition, the conjunction of iTS and terminal devices facilitates instant interaction between teachers and students.
Cloud Resource Sharing
Cloud resource sharing reinforces innovative and collaborative teaching.
Interactive Response System
Instant feedback enhances class interaction.
Assessment and Remediation
Instant assessment result analysis identifies students’ learning condition promptly.
Connection of Terminal Devices
Limitless connection makes information sharing more conveniently.

 BIG nPad
The high resolution big screen of Big nPad supports two-point touch input. Creating collaborative and seamless learning environment becomes easy and effortless.
High Resolution Big Screen Two-Point Touch Input
High definition visual display provides the
best visual experience
Smooth two-point touch control provides
smooth collaborative learning environment.

Collaborative Learning
Multi-group Discussion Group InteractionGroup Multi-group Discussion

 Tablet Computer
The use of the tablet computers provides more opportunities for the students to express themselves. Because of the portability of tablet computer, learning is no longer limited in the classroom.
Adaptive Learning Ubiquitous Learning

Product Items
Item Introduction
Educational Cloud • Provide a flexible, safe and green education environment
iTS Service Platform • Provide a highly interactive and collaborative education environment.
• Support the whole instructional process and all kinds of class activities
• Facilitate instant interaction between teachers and students.
BIG nPad • High resolution big screen
• Two-point touch input
• In support of collaborative learning
Tablet Computer • With high portability
• In support of interactive and adaptive learning